Our team

We believe that our team, our processes and our collaboration will deliver tremendous added value to your company.

Paige Tyrrell Marketing Manager

Paige Tyrrell

Marketing Manager

Peter Balogh Business Advisor

Péter Balogh

Business Advisor

Janos Szabados Business Development Partner

János Szabados

Business Development Partner

David Kiss Customer Success Manager

Dávid Kiss

Customer Success Manager

Krisztina Seres Business Development Manager

Krisztina Seres

Business Development Manager

Andras Szatmari CTO

András Szatmári

Software Architect

Bela Orosz (Skippy) Chief Data Officer

Béla Orosz (Skippy)

Software Architect

Gyorgy Janosi Software Engineer

György Jánosi

Senior Software Engineer

Kiraly Alex Software Engineer

Alex Király

Senior Software Engineer

Gyula Fodor Frontend Software Engineer

Gyula Fodor

Frontend Software Engineer

Norbert Szoboszlai Software Engineer

Norbert Szoboszlai

Software Engineer

Why choose us?

We are committed to your success

We work closely with you to provide you with search solutions that work.

We save you time

Our solutions enable both you and your customers to save time. Prefixbox can be integrated easily into your website, just like Google Analytics.

We provide value for your users

We deliver a valuable end-to-end experience by continuously improving our services. Your users will find the products they are looking for, simply and efficiently.

We are global

It doesn't matter where your users are located, our services are accessible from all around the world.

We save you money

Our packages are customized to your business and include everything that you need to get started. With Prefixbox you get a SaaS solution, without the cost of hiring a new developer. We take care of hosting and monitoring our services.

We are professional

Prefixbox has a team of software professionals with strong background in data mining, web development, information architecture and content discovery solutions.

It is our passion to develop new ways to improve your user's experience and give you insights to your customers' minds.