In order to get started with any Prefixbox product you will need to first implement Analytics – all of our products learn and continuously improve based on this data, so analytics is a key part of a great search.

To get started with our analytics:

In order to activate the detailed search analytics, there are a few additional JavaScript calls that you need to implement on your site. Details are described here: Prefixbox Page Events. Based on the detailed search analytics, Prefixbox can compute the correct order of the suggestions.

  • Export the top 5,000 keywords of your internal/site search keyword list from Google Analytics and save it as an Excel sheet. Send this to the Prefixbox team via e-mail ( This will be the initial keyword suggestion list - another export will not be required because Prefixbox can refresh this list based on user behavior.

  • To display products in the search box, we need a product feed/product list that contains all products for sale on your site. Please share this via an HTTP or HTTPS URL (public or password protected). We refresh this list by downloading it from this URL multiple times per day. The recommended format is the following: simple CSV (or TSV) file. The file should contain the following columns in any order:

    • Product name: e.g.: Table Lamp

    • Product page URL: It is important that the feed contains the product URLs in the same format as they appear on your site.

    • Product image / thumbnail URL: Recommended size is 100 x 100px.

    • Gross Price:the products current price (with discount, if there is one).

    • [Optional] Old Price: The previous price of the product. This is required only if there is a difference between the old and current price.

    • [Optional] Discount: The amount discounted from the old price; it can be displayed as a simple string; e.g.: „-30 %”. This is required only if there is a difference between the old and current price.

    • [Optional] Item number/identifier: The item number or internal ID of the product.

  • [Prefixbox team] Based on the above data, we will setup your search box in the Prefixbox portal and you can test it. After this, a 1 line JavaScript will be shared with you. Once you add this script to your site, the autocomplete suggestions will begin working immediately. We set up separate mobile and desktop versions, so it will work everywhere your customers want to access it.

  • [Prefixbox team] After the integration, we will test everything to ensure it’s working.

  • Go live! We will explain the metrics tracked in the Search Analytics dashboard.

  • Estimated effort:
    6 hours or fewer

  • Requirements:
    Front-end developer