Problems with most autocomplete textboxes

Why is autosuggest broken?

Does not auto-complete!

Users expect search boxes to recommend keywords intelligently such as YouTube and Amazon.

Fails to correct typos

12% of the searches contain spelling mistakes. It’s important to help the user fixing them.

Gets worse over time

It’s important to measure the search trends on our website and use them to improve the suggestions and search results continuously.

Does not show relevant suggestions

It’s better to show nothing than showing irrelevant suggestions.

Shows too many suggestions

People only look at the TOP 4 suggestions and mostly use the TOP 2. Showing 8-10 suggestions is too many.

Shows suggestions too slowly

Suggestions need to show up instantly as users type. Higher than 0.25 sec response time breaks the user experience.

Leads to ‘No Result Pages’

We should only suggest a keyword if we are sure we have search results for it.