Product Search Engine

With our Product Search Engine, we take care of search entirely - even the continual optimization

With Prefixbox’s Search Engine, we take care of product search for you. Our robust service covers all aspects of search and hosting so you can focus on other important aspects of your business. This all-encompassing platform easily integrates with our other features, so you don’t need to manage multiple providers.
  • Prefixbox supports over 50 languages, so no matter which one your users search in, Prefixbox will understand it.
  • Faceted navigation, sorting, and paging let users easily browse search results to quickly find exactly what they’re searching for.
  • Boost products automatically by popularity score, which update in real time.
  • Natural language processing and full text search ensure that the search engine processes human language accurately to precisely match search intent.
  • We host the solution in multiple data centers for you.


20% of website visitors use the search function

Search users generate 60% of revenue

Search box users convert 6 times better than average visitors who just browse