Analytics that let you understand customer search behaviour to help you build a better eCommerce search. We are a data-driven company with detailed analytics that show you just how Prefixbox is improving your webshop.

A strong base that supports all of our search functions, Analytics is required for any Prefixbox solutions to work. We strive to help you improve your eCommerce store in more ways than simply providing great tools - that’s why we have detailed, easy-to-understand analytics that deliver actionable insights.

This feature is so important that we include it for free with all our products so you can see how your search improves.

Not sure if you want to commit to Prefixbox yet? We’ll give you access to our analytics platform for free for a limited time, so you can see how well your current search performs.

Popular products and searches show you what your customers are looking for.

Get insight to which queries yield no results so you can easily fix issues.

Wonder how valuable your search function is? Find out with analytics from revenue via search.

Autocomplete and Related Search usage reports show how web visitors use Prefixbox features, so you can monitor product relevance. Plus, it means our solution can continuously improve.

Detailed analytics track interactions on your website and provide insight to more than 30 different metrics

Prefixbox integrates easily with Google Analytics so you can A/B test solutions to find what settings work best for your search.

Actionable insights help you create a concrete plan to improve your eCommerce store so you can optimize conversion rates.

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“It is very important for us to know which products are most commonly searched and which search terms yield no results on our site. This information influences our business decisions in many ways and Prefixbox’s detailed analytics platform make it possible for us to promptly react to the market demands.”
Szilvia Burka

Head of Marketing and Online Services