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Prefixbox is a data-driven company with detailed analytics that show you how our search is improving your Ecommerce store. Analytics help you understand your customer's search behavior, so you can build a better shopping experience. We believe in the power of data, which is why Prefixbox includes insightful, easy-to-understand Site Search Analytics.

Search Term Analytics

Find out how your customers are searching to identify your most popular searches, keywords to include in your next marketing campaigns, and the terminology your customers are using.

Find detailed insight for every search term on your sit like how frequently it appears, how often it's clicked, and how many times people buy it.

Product Analytics

Product Analytics will show you your most popular products along with detailed insight into how often each product is purchased and how much revenue it generates.

You can also see the keyterms shoppers are searching and which product they end up buying, so you can update your product naming to better fit your customers.

0-result Analytics

One of the worst experiences a shopper can have is landing on a 0-result page. These are also a huge detriment to your revenue as shoppers will then take their business elsewhere. With an unoptimized search, this happens about 30% of the time. With Prefixbox, this can be reduced to 2%.

With Prefixbox, find which search terms are leading to 0-result pages, so you can update your product naming, stock more products, and add synonyms to relevant keyterms – all to drastically decrease your 0-result rate.


Prefixbox tracks more than 30 different search-related metrics to give you deep insights into how your search is performing,
what your customers are looking for, and how you can optimize your shop more.

The unique insights helps you make informed business decisions.

Our Site Search Analytics are included at no additional cost.

0-result search rate
0-result search rate

0-results are a terrible shopping experience. That's why we focus on minimizing your 0-result search rate. This is one of the most important metrics as it improves you shoppers' experience and increases your revenue.

Engagement on SERP
Engagement on SERP

The engagement rate on your SERP indicates how relevant your search results are, so we track this daily.

Conversion rate from search users
Conversion rate from search users

Search users convert 3-6x better that other users. We measure this so you can see how much of an impact search makes on your business.

Revenue from search users
Revenue from search users

Search users often generate over 50% of online revenue, with our detailed analytics you can see how integral search is to your business.


Optimize your Ecommerce store's search solution with Prefixbox and see ROI within 3-4 weeks.

Pricing is based on modules and search volume.


Prefixbox is easy to integrate.

Don't believe us? Check out the full integration process here to see for yourself.

All our solutions can be integrated with a few lines of JavaScript or via an API.

Dev to dev

We know there are more technical people out there, so we wrote an in-depth product guide full of capabilities and best practices.

If you're looking to get into the details of what Prefixbox can do and how it functions check out our product documentation here.