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In order to get started using any Prefixbox module you will need to first implement the Site Search Analytics. Click here to learn more about the process.

Getting started with Autocomplete

Setting up Autocomplete is quick and easy after the Site Search Analytics module is integrated.

You simply need to sign up for this feature and our Customer Success team will turn it on for you. Before turning on Autocomplete, we will verify the UX with you to make sure it matches your webstore’s design. You can also test the Autocomplete box on the Prefixbox Portal under your subscription.

We can run an A/B test to measure the conversion rate improvements from Prefixbox’s Autocomplete.

Search term list

If you’re activating the Site Search Analytics feature along with Autocomplete or you’re planning to activate it shortly after, we will need you to provide on-site search term list, which will serve as the initial keyword suggestion list.

This list is necessary for integrating Autocomplete if you do not have at least 2 weeks of Prefixbox’s Site Search Analytics data available.

To create this list, export the top 5,000 keywords of your internal / site search keyword list from Google Analytics and save it as an Excel sheet.

This keyword list can be found in Google Analytics if you click on Behavior > Site Search > Search Terms.

When the Excel document is ready, send it to the Prefixbox Team at: support@prefixbox.com and we will configure the initial keyword suggestion list. We only need this data once, as we can later refresh and extend the keyword list based on the Site Search Analytics.


When the Autocomplete feature is turned on, you will be able to see the detailed Autocomplete Analytics in the Search Analytics dashboard in the Prefixbox Portal.

Developer requirements

The Autocomplete feature doesn’t require any development work from your side, once you have the Site Search Analytics integrated.

Estimated effort

1 hour