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Suggestion Popularity

Popularity scores are used when determining how to rank products and keywords. The product shown first should be the most popular and most relevant, then the rest of the products should be sequentially less popular/relevant. They’re constantly changing and it’s important to have up-to-date scores, so Prefixbox automatically calculates and refreshes these scores for products and keywords every morning. After new scores are calculated based on the user behaviour from the previous day, products re-ranked on the SERP and the keywords in the Autocomplete box are updated.

The product displayed in the first position should be the most popular and the products’ popularity should sequentially decrease as shown here.

Popularity score calculation

Popularity scores are calculated based on user behaviour. For product popularity score calculations, actions such as product page views, clicks, cart actions, and order events are all factored in.

For keyword popularity scores, search execution, SERPpage views, clicks, and cart events are important.

Prefixbox automatically set a weight (importance) for each action, but you can re-assign values based on what you feel is the most important – you can easily do this in the portal.

Recent data

When the scores are re-calculated, you can set how what range of data you want to be taken into account. For example, maybe you want all actions from the last 30 days to influence the new score, or maybe you want data from the last 90 days. We have automatically set this parameter at 30 days.

If you have a longer time span as the parameter here, you can set a rule that places a greater importance on the most recent actions. You can have these values decrease exponentially or linearly as they occur further in the past.

We recommend using the exponential setting if your products have a short lifespan such as those for a specific date - like tickets to a concert. The linearly decreasing option is best for products with long life spans.

New product scores

You can set a value for all new products, so when they’re added to your webshop, they won’t be forced to the bottom of the SERP.


Prefixbox automatically adds new keywords and removes those that yield 0-results after some time. After a keyword displays 0-results for a predetermined number of times, it will automatically be removed from suggestion lists.