Streamline the shopping experience with features that solve challenges specific to online pharmacies

Your Challenge
Customers are often sick and in urgent need of medicine.
Our Solution
A Rich Autocomplete provides shoppers with prices, product ratings, prescription information, and add-to-cart buttons as they’re searching so they can make informed decisions quickly and purchase confidently.
Your Challenge
It’s easy to misspell medication names.
Our Solution
A Typo Tolerant Autocomplete recognizes spelling mistakes and quickly corrects them by deciphering user intent to prevent zero result search pages.
Your Challenge
Struggling to find medicine is one of the worst experiences a shopper can have when they don’t feel well.
Our Solution
Dynamic Filtering analyzes search queries and provides relevant filtering options to help shoppers narrow large product catalogs down to find the products they’re looking for while also filtering out unavailable items.
Your Challenge
Shoppers search for companies instead of specific medications and frequently misspell medicine names.
Our Solution
Synonym Mining and Management leverages machine learning to mine and suggest relevant synonyms to retailers who can update their store’s synonym database for even more accurate results and fewer zero result searches.
Your Challenge
Pharma shoppers need specific information about medicine before purchasing it and want to shop efficiently.
Our Solution
Customizable Product Tiles on the SERP include pertinent information about medication like price and prescription information to create a seamless shopping experience.

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Optimize your store with search and discovery solutions that help you understand your shoppers

Ecommerce is becoming an integral part of the pharmacy industry, which means optimizing online stores is imperative to success.

When optimizing their online stores, pharma retailers must consider their shoppers’ habits and expectations in streamlining the shopping experience.

8% of pharma shoppers use the search box
40-80% of online revenue comes from search users
44% pharma search users use autocomplete suggestions
21% of search users select the first autocomplete recommendation
12-26x higher conversion rate for search users than non-search users
30% of shoppers use filters on the SERP

Statistics are based on Prefixbox Analytics

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Explore key features for online pharmacies

Rich Autocomplete

Rich Autocomplete deciphers user intent and shows data-driven, relevant suggestions the second shoppers focus into the search box. Autocomplete is fully customizable to help Pharma retailers meet their shoppers' needs and adhere to their country’s legislation.
In some countries, prescription and over-the-counter medication must be handled separately. Rich Autocomplete makes it easy for shoppers to select desired product quantities and add over-the-counter medication to their cart or schedule pickups for prescriptions directly from the search box.

Merchandizing Ads

Merchandizing makes it easy to highlight selected products above the SERP. This feature helps Pharma retailers maximize revenue and enables them to showcase new products.

Merchandizing Product Highlight

Pharma retailers can move selected products to the first positions on the search results page to highlight items they want to sell. This feature offers an easy way to override search results and showcase specific items.
In addition to placing products in prime positions, retailers can visually differentiate highlighted products with custom frames, colors, and more to help them stand out.

Merchandizing Banners

Retailers can easily create banners and set them to appear on the SERP (above the results) when shoppers execute specific queries. Banners are a powerful way for Pharma retailers to highlight specific products or showcase new products.
Prefixbox makes it easy for Pharma retailers to manage all Merchandizing capabilities and set rules that help them meet their customers’ needs while adhering to their country’s specific legislation.

Dynamic Filtering

Shoppers often search for symptoms or brands instead of specific medicine names. Dynamic Filtering analyzes each search query and provides relevant filtering options to help shoppers accurately narrow down results to easily find their desired product.
For example, shoppers can use filters to specify medicine forms (symptoms, tablets, capsules, liquid, etc.), symptoms, and more to find the remedy to their health concerns as fast as possible.

Detailed Product Tiles

These easy-to-read, detail-rich tiles show crucial product information (ingredients, usage, store availability, price, etc.) shoppers need to make a purchase. These tiles are fully customizable, which means retailers can choose the information they want to display and the features they would like to include for their shoppers.
For example, retailers can alter the visual display or add custom buttons to make it easy for customers to add a product to favorites, increase quantity, show product ratings or detailed ingredient information, and see store-level stock information.

Zero Result Page Handling

In the pharma industry, text-matching-based search engines often fail, which causes shoppers to land on zero result pages. To alleviate the frustration of not immediately finding a desired product, behavior-based keyword and product suggestions can be placed on zero result pages to help shoppers get back to their shopping journey.
AI-powered keyword and product recommendations can also be implemented on the SERP to streamline the shopping journey throughout your store.

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