Experimentation and Optimization

Increase experimentation velocity with online and offline experimentation tools to find the optimal settings for your search.

Supercharge your store with cutting-edge Experimentation and Optimization

Prefixbox offers the most granular search analytics on the market to make search experiments more insightful. We help data analysts understand how shoppers interact with their Ecommerce search, so they can generate more hypotheses and quickly test them.

Our online and offline experimentation tools are easy to use and help you improve the search experience with data-backed optimizations.

With data-backed search optimizations, everyone wins.

Improve the user experience

A/B test different UX options and search relevance settings to develop a better shopping experience.

Move your KPIs

Improve search result relevancy and inspire catalog discovery to increase Conversion Rate, Search Success Rate, and Time to Success.

Enhance the search experience by optimizing your UX

Search Layout

Test different layouts on the SERP (grid vs. list) and Autocomplete (one or two-column layout).

Run Frequent Experiments

Easily test different product tile designs and CTAs to best assist shoppers in your industry.

Faceted Filters

Customize attribute filter style, layout, and composition (left-hand side, sticky, etc.) to make finding products easy.


Optimize your mobile store by limiting the number of suggestions and tailoring features to meet your industry’s needs.

Experiment with and fine-tune search relevance settings to promote desired results

Matching Rules and Weights

In addition to searching within name, brand, and category fields, you can set up matching rules for description-based searches and other attributes.

Product Popularity Score

Experiment with different weights for product clicks, pageviews, cart events, and order events.

Product Ranking

Rank products by desired attributes like product availability, discounts or promotions, and more.

Attribute Filter Ranking

Discover which filters are most used in your store and ensure they appear first.

Dynamic Re-ranking

Automatically rank results by analyzing user behavior data to ensure relevant products appear highest on the SERP.

Leverage state-of-the-art technology to increase search result relevancy across your store

Implement New Features

New features are shipped weekly and can be A/B tested for free to see how they impact your KPIs before going live in your store.

Strengthen Synonyms

Synonym optimization is ongoing; our solution continuously mines potential synonyms that can be reviewed and applied manually. Our system prioritizes low-performing keywords to help you achieve maximum synonym management benefits.

Prefixbox is a fully managed solution. We can continuously optimize your search if you don’t have time to.

Our search solutions come with varying degrees of support to optimize your store for your specific needs.

Account Health Reviews

We continuously review analytics to find unique opportunities for further optimization.

Fine-Tuning and Ongoing Optimization

Search experts manage your synonym database for maximum performance.

Product Training

Take advantage of live training opportunities to best understand the platform and optimize your solution.

Implement Best Practices

Learn about best practices and how to activate new features to enhance your store.

Generate hypotheses and run online and offline experiments as often as you like

Online Experimentation

Online experimentation consists of A/B tests live with your store’s visitors, which are easy to set up in the Prefixbox’s Experimentation Platform. You can run these experiments for multiple weeks to get statistically significant results.

Offline Experimentation

Offline search relevance experiments allow you to run tests on a subset of your search queries. With these, you can run tests more frequently (multiple times per week) without having to test live on your store by manually labeling search results.

In Prefixbox’s Admin Portal, you can create unlimited search engines with different configurations, and a ‘Test Your Search Box’ tool is available to verify your settings.

Additionally, our Offline Search Relevance Measurement tool allows you to crawl your search engine for a subset of your search queries. This enables you to evaluate search result relevance by labeling each result with human judgment.

Offline experimentation helps you generate and prioritize hypotheses that can be validated quickly with A/B tests before running online experiments.

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