Prefixbox features

Instant, relevant and intelligent search suggestions

with our Autocomplete features

  • Quality search suggestions for keywords, products and categories according to the highest industry standards
  • Relevant suggestion ranking specifically for your website
  • Instant search suggestions even before the first keystroke
  • Searching in every word and highlighting the searched expressions in the suggestion text
  • Language independent and typo tolerant

Understand your users’ behaviour and improve your ecommerce site

with the Analytics features

Based on the search box analytics you can see

  • How often users choose from the search suggestions
  • Whether suggestions were available at the time of searching
  • Detailed user and search counts

Our search result page analytics shows you

  • The No result page rate to detect possible problems with your search engine
  • Search trends and search result page quality measurements
  • Number of pageviews on your products and Add to cart tracking
  • and more!

Based on user behaviour and search trends on your site, the software learns to rank the search suggestions and updates them regularly.

Complete customization for your search box

Customize the look and feel of your search box to match your website design

Configure the number of product and keyword suggestions you want to show

Change the order of your suggestions easily:

  • Adjust the popularity scores manually
  • or use search trends as a base for automatic updates

User friendly self-service portal

Configure and manage everything easily from the self-service portal

  • Create search boxes and suggestion lists
  • Analyze search metrics and use them for your business decisions
  • Fine-tune and change any settings and see the results instantly on your site

Easy and flexible integration

  • You only need 5 minutes to simply paste our JavaScript widget into your website’s HTML code and you are ready to go!
  • Import search terms seamlessly from Google Analytics or your own search history to create a relevant suggestion list from the start
  • Integrate your product data feed through scheduled and automatic updates

Enhanced mobile user experience

  • 12% of web searches contain misspellings. On mobile, the proportion of misspelled search terms are even higher.
  • Prefixbox is able to show relevant suggestions even when users make a typo.
  • The super-fast response times make Prefixbox ideal for responsive websites which have many mobile users.

Robust performance for smooth operation

  • Instant responses in less than 100 milliseconds after every keystroke.
  • Prefixbox offers a global service which has 50-100 milliseconds latency in Europe, North America and Asia (this includes the network latency). Our service is hosted in multiple Azure data centers: West US (California), East US (Virginia), West Europe (Netherlands) and Southeast Asia (Singapore).
  • Prefixbox is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution so you don’t need to deal with installing servers and paying for the hosting costs.

Every search box is served from at least 2 servers to make sure the service is always available. Our team takes care of the service monitoring. Our SLA guarantees 99.8% availability.

Technical support, when you need it

  • Our team is there to help you through the onboarding process to start using Prefixbox as quickly and easily as possible
  • We provide technical support via email and phone
  • Our service includes continuous cooperation with every one of our clients to help you improve your ecommerce search.

We ensure that the access to your data is highly secured. Our infrastructure is hosted on Microsoft Azure data centers and we take data protection seriously. You are in control and you can manage the specific permissions you want to give to your colleagues.