Enterprise Search and Discovery for DIY stores

Increase revenue and conversion rate by leveraging search and discovery features designed for DIY retailers.

Enterprise Search and Discovery for DIY stores

Increase revenue and conversion rate by leveraging search and discovery features designed for DIY retailers.

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Client: Praktiker
Improved search efficiency and detailed analytics increased Praktiker’s Average Order Value and decreased Zero Result Search Rate
31% decrease in Zero Result Search Rate
19% increase in Average Order Value

Statistics are based on Prefixbox Analytics

Streamline the shopping experience with features that solve DIY-specific challenges

Your Challenge
Shoppers often need specific products or tools to complete their projects.
Our Solution
Faceted Filtering helps shoppers narrow down results based on desired product attributes, and Detailed Product Tiles provide the information they need to purchase with confidence.
Your Challenge
Shoppers may not know the correct spelling or naming conventions of products listed in a retailer’s catalog, which can lead to zero result pages.
Our Solution
Synonym Mining and Management leverages automation to mine and suggest relevant synonyms to retailers who can update their store’s synonym database for even more accurate results and lower zero result search rates.
Your Challenge
DIY Shoppers usually buy multiple products at once to ensure they have everything they need for their projects.
Our Solution
Related Products help shoppers discover more of the catalog with just one click by suggesting relevant, additional products.
Your Challenge
Shoppers can get overwhelmed with endless results and don’t usually look through more than two pages of products.
Our Solution
Related Searches help shoppers narrow down broad category searches, for example: from tile to bathroom tile or kitchen tile, to streamline the shopping journey and prevent high shopper drop-off rates.
Your Challenge
Shoppers often misspell search queries or execute queries with typos.
Our Solution
A Typo Tolerant Autocomplete recognizes spelling mistakes and quickly corrects them by deciphering user intent.
Your Challenge
DIY shoppers may have an idea of what they need, but not know how to describe or search for it.
Our Solution
Visual Recommendations enable shoppers to explore similar-looking items in a store’s catalog with data-driven, visual product tiles that resemble results on the SERP.

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Optimize your store with search and discovery solutions that help you understand your shoppers

The DIY industry has seen an uptick in traffic as more people have taken up home improvement projects.

A positive online experience is crucial to ensuring DIY shoppers can find what they need to complete their wide range of desired projects.

34% of DIY shoppers use the search box
70% of Revenue comes from search users
57% of search users use autocomplete suggestions
9 items purchased at a time on average
61% of Average Order Value comes from search
30% of shoppers use filters on the SERP

Statistics are based on Prefixbox Analytics

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Explore key features for DIY retailers

Faceted Filtering

DIY retailers have huge catalogs full of products with multiple variants and attributes, which makes filtering an especially important aspect in streamlining navigation and providing a great customer experience. Prefixbox offers rich filtering options related to the searched product’s facets, or attributes, to help shoppers find what they’re looking for as quickly as possible.
For example, if a shopper searches for floor tiles, they can use faceted filters to specify the surface type, tile location, color, price, and/or product availability. Availability-based filters show shoppers what they can buy immediately, so they can avoid the disappointment of finding a product they want to purchase and then discovering it is not currently available.

Related Searches

Related Searches leverage a self-learning AI-based algorithm to generate recommendations based on semantic relations and user behavior. These recommendations match user intent and help shoppers navigate, refine, or reformulate their initial search query. All suggestions are placed above and below the search results and on zero result pages to help shoppers navigate with just one click.
For example, if a shopper searches for planed timber, Related Searches will recommend relevant synonyms like planed wood sheet, planed wood panels, treated lumber, and more.
These are especially useful in the DIY industry, where products have many synonyms.

Related Products

Related Products provide additional product suggestions derived from user behavior that enhance the text-matched search engine results. Related Products suggestions match the initial search intent and are strategically placed on the SERP and zero results pages to help shoppers navigate to desired products quickly and easily. This product is especially useful in DIY, where shoppers don’t always include product names in their search.
For example, if someone searches for a ceiling lamp, they can easily specify if they’re looking for a pendant light, a spotlight, or a chandelier.

Synonym Mining and Management

Retailers in the DIY industry often offer a wide range of products with technical names. Accurate synonyms are crucial in suggesting relevant products to shoppers who search for products named differently in a retailer’s catalog.
With Prefixbox, synonym management is easy to see, edit, and maintain. Synonym candidates are continuously, and automatically, mined based on click feedback and can be easily reviewed and added to the applied synonym list manually.
Synonym directions can be set (either two-way or one-way) for even more accurate results.

Unit of Measure

In the DIY sector, many products are sold in different sizes. If a shopper searches for a specific measurement than what’s used in a retailer’s catalog, shoppers may see irrelevant results or end up on a zero result search page.
Our search engine understands the dimensions used in search queries and uses feature extraction to help shoppers find the exact products they’re looking for regardless of how they wrote the size in their search.
For example, if a shopper searches for a 1.5m or 1500mm PVC ventilation pipe, the store will automatically recommend the 150cm pipe if that’s the size in stock.


The Multi-Store Feature makes it easy for shoppers to find products in a desired location. Once they choose a specific store, stock information will automatically update to show what’s available.
In the DIY industry, products can't always be delivered, and many shoppers prefer seeing items in person and picking them up in-store, so displaying product availability in a specific location is crucial to creating a positive omnichannel shopping experience.

Detailed Product Tiles

Detailed Product Tiles appear when a shopper hovers over a specific product tile on the SERP so they can easily view and select product variants without visiting a product page.
These easy-to-read, detail-rich tiles reflect current stock, store availability, pricing information, size and color options, and add-to-cart buttons to shorten the path to purchase and create a user-friendly shopping experience.

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