User Feedback Tool

Collect feedback to gain a deeper insight into your search performance for enhancing your shoppers’ experience.

User Feedback Tool

Prefixbox’s User Feedback Tool enables you to collect qualitative feedback directly from your shoppers about the search results’ relevance. The User Feedback Tool can be placed on the Search Engine Result Page and enables customers to share their feedback:

  • as a star or text-scale rating to express how satisfied they were with the search experience
  • as a free-text review, if they prefer giving more detailed feedback

By collecting and analyzing these insights you can see if search results match shopper expectations and make adjustments accordingly.

Collect user feedback for data-driven decisions

CSAT scores 

Learn how satisfied shoppers are with your search.

CSAT is short for Customer Satisfaction. It is the ratio of positive reviews among all reviews in percentage format.

For example, if you have a 5-point rating scale, and 3 out of 6 reviewers gave a positive rating (so 4 or 5), the CSAT score would be 50%.

Top searches that received ratings or reviews

The table shows you the most popular search terms that shoppers have rated or reviewed, and you can drill down in each term to see specific reviews and ratings.

This helps you understand when problems happen and get more information to find solutions for specific cases.

Detailed information on each review

See the exact products the Search Engine Result Page returned and filters that were active when a review was given for deep insights into customer experience.

Get insights at critical moments

The User Feedback Tool is fully customizable to match the look-and-feel of your online store.

Illustration about use case of Home & Garden furniture

Search Engine Result Page

Place the tool at the bottom of the Search Engine Result Page to collect feedback from shoppers to see how relevant the returned results are.

Illustration about use case of Fashion

Zero Result Search Page

Find out what results shoppers would have liked to see for the executed query, so you can make synonym optimizations in the Prefixbox Admin Portal.

Illustration about use case of Home & Garden furniture

Help shoppers browse Home & Garden furniture

Present furniture shoppers with visually similar alternatives to help them find the patterns and shapes that suit them.

Illustration about use case of Fashion

Empower Fashion shoppers to explore similar clothes in your catalog

Make it easy for shoppers to explore additional products with similar patterns or styles to the items they’re currently viewing to help them find exactly what they’re looking for.

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