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Visegradi street 31, 1132

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Budapest HQ


Recruiter & HR Business Partner

Dora Schuszter

Email: dora.schuszter@prefixbox.com Phone: +36 70 675 6956


United States

Chief Sales Officer

David Kiss

Email: david@prefixbox.com Phone: (346) 534-6734
Sales Director

Janos Szabados

Email: janos@prefixbox.com Phone: (346) 534-6750
Chief Marketing Officer

Paige Tyrrell

Email: paige@prefixbox.com
Sales Development Representative

Iringo Barabas

Email: iringo.barabas@prefixbox.com Phone: (346) 534-6912
Sales Development Representative

Victoria Obodnikova

Email: victoria.obodnikova@prefixbox.com Phone: (346) 637-3461
Sales Development Representative

Ana Paula Gaspar Teixeira

Email: ana.gaspar@prefixbox.com Phone: (346) 553-9222