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Prefixbox is deeply integrated with Shopify and Salesforce and provides both front-end and API integration.

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Prefixbox AI Search Available in App Stores


Prefixbox AI Search for B2C Commerce is natively integrated with Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud.

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Prefixbox AI Search & Filter is natively integrated with Shopify.

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Prefixbox AI Search is natively integrated with BigCommerce.

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Other Search Integration Options

API Integration
Front-End Integration
Real-Time Catalog Updates

API Integration

API integration gives the retailer more control over the solution and is suitable when more development resources are available. Mobile app integration is also available via API.
Customer’s responsibilities:
  • Share a detailed product feed URL
  • Implement the communication with Prefixbox’s APIs
  • Implement the search UX
  • Implement user behavior tracking
  • Fix bugs and release to live site
Prefixbox’s responsibilities:
  • Configure search modules in the Prefixbox Admin Portal
  • Customize the functional requirements to match your needs
  • Test solution and report bugs
  • Run A/B testing

Front-End Integration

Front-End integration speeds up the integration process and minimizes the development work needed from the customer side.

Prefixbox’s Front-End JavaScript application will be customized to the customer’s website. This Front-End application will handle the communication with Prefixbox’s APIs, the search UX, and user behavior tracking.
Customer’s responsibilities:
  • Provide an empty search result page with header and footer
  • Share a detailed product feed URL
  • Insert Prefixbox’s custom JavaScript into the website
Prefixbox’s responsibilities:
  • Configure search modules in the Prefixbox Admin Portal
  • Customize the look and functional requirements to match your needs
  • Test, preview, and fix bugs
  • Release to live site and run A/B testing

Real-Time Catalog Updates

Retailers with product catalog data that changes hourly or daily can integrate via product feed URL.

If your catalog updates more frequently, Real-Time Product Data Update API is available.

Search Suite Integration Flow

Search Analytics is the basis for all Prefixbox Search products, which is why it’s the first product we implement.

Once the Search Analytics integration process is complete, all other products can be implemented in any order.

Documentation Overview

Search Analytics Integration Process

To integrate Search Analytics, retailers must share their product feed and insert the Prefixbox JavaScript plug-in via Google Tag Manager and we’ll handle the rest.

Once integrated, we measure your current site and search engine performance and use the data to optimize your search solution.

Integration Project Flow

A dedicated Customer Success Manager and Technical Integration Consultant are there to guide you through the integration process.

Project Planning
checkmark Meet your Customer Success Manager
checkmark Review work items and assign owners
checkmark Agree on milestones and schedule
Integration Phase
checkmark As detailed by your integration method
checkmark Weekly project status calls
checkmark Testing and release
Post Integration
checkmark On-going A/B testing and configuration optimization
checkmark Share best practices
checkmark Consultations with our team of search experts

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