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Prefixbox’s easy-to-integrate Ecommerce Search, Recommend, and Insights solutions optimize your online store for conversions and revenue and achieve ROI 3-4 weeks after integration.
Our data-driven solutions are designed to support retailers with over 150,000 searches per month.

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Prefixbox solutions can be purchased individually or together to improve the shopping experience in your store

Prefixbox Hybrid Search

Leverage the next generation of search technology including vector search and GPT technology.

  • Hybrid Search Engine
  • Merchandizing
  • Rich Autocomplete
  • Related Searches
  • Related Products
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Prefixbox Recommend

Empower shoppers to discover your product catalog.

  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Complementary Recommendations
  • Visual Recommendations
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Prefixbox Insights

Make optimizing Search and Discovery easy by harnessing the power of data.

  • Search & Discovery Analytics
  • Data Mining & Automation
  • Experimentation & Optimization
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Pricing is based on annual total unique search count, selected solutions, number of websites (mobile applications included), and customer support level.

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All Prefixbox solutions are fully managed and include varying degrees of optimization based on support level.

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Prefixbox can easily be integrated in 4 weeks.