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Prefixbox’s in-depth insights and advanced experimentation tools help you understand your shoppers’ search habits to optimize your store and increase conversion rate.

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Data is at the heart of what we do. By enabling Ecommerce retailers to measure and establish search relevancy and performance, we help them run more efficient experiments and fine-tune their search relevancy.
We also offer state-of-the-art data mining and automation to ensure results are always relevant throughout your store without manual effort. With Prefixbox’s Insights, retailers can make data-backed decisions and create the best possible search experience.

Optimize your store with rich analytics, automations, and experimentation tools

The best search returns relevant results quickly. Understand your search performance with north star search relevancy analytics like Session Success Rate and Time to Success to determine how visitors interact with results.
Prefixbox is the only Ecommerce search provider with search relevancy analytics that indicate how Conversion Rate Optimization Specialists can improve search relevancy and increase conversion rate.
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Automatically improve search relevancy by leveraging data mining and automation. Analyze patterns in large datasets and use the insights to inform search algorithms.
Improve search efficiency and the customer experience with relevant product and keyword suggestions that reflect user behavior, seasonality, search history, and more.
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Discover room for improvement and prioritize hypotheses with an advanced experimentation platform. Online and offline experimentation tools enable you to run frequent experiments and find the optimal settings for your search.
Since our analytics portal has richer search relevancy metrics than Google Analytics, test results are even more insightful, helping you make data-backed decisions and maximize conversion rate.
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​​Leverage unmatched user behavior insights to gain a competitive edge

Granular Search Analytics

Understand search user behavior with more than 100 insightful search metrics. Measure search relevance with true north star metrics to identify key opportunities for improvement.

Data Mining and Automation

Leverage state-of-the-art data mining and automation tools to analyze user behavior data and automatically improve result relevancy. Prefixbox leverages Machine Learning and AI algorithms to continuously solve difficult search problems without the need for manual effort.

Transparent and Editable Search Configurations

There are no black boxes with Prefixbox’s Admin portal; each solution has settings that can easily be adjusted. If you don’t have a developer available, our Technical Integration Team will set everything up for you.

High Experimentation Velocity

Easily prioritize, test, and validate your ideas with online and offline experimentation tools. Our online and offline experimentation tools make it easy to run tests, so you can experiment as frequently as you like and increase optimization efficiency.

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GDPR Compliance

Prefixbox uses first-party cookies, which are set in a user’s browser and cannot be accessed by third-party services. All retailer and customer data is handled according to GDPR privacy laws.

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