Why choose Prefixbox?

When it comes to customer journey, autocomplete site search takes a vital part in providing the right user experience.
Prefixbox autocomplete search provides you the finest solution, to offer excellent autosuggestions and help you understand your customers.
Prefixbox provides value



Searching on a website can be boring, time-consuming and annoying, but Prefixbox changes it. Our solution will deliver the information you need at every keystroke.

Saved time

You don’t have to spend hours finding information you need or pay attention on the spelling, because Prefixbox instantly autocompletes your queries to get relevant suggestions.


Measurable results

Wouldn’t it be cool if you knew what people search for ON your website? With Prefixbox you can track your users’ queries and the search analytics will give you actionable user insights. When you make improvements to your search experience Prefixbox will help you measure if you are moving in the right direction.

Convenience and customization

Do you want to know what the most hunted product on your website is or what content would be nice to have? You can go to the Prefixbox self-service portal and immediately withdraw analytics you need in a customized way.



Prefixbox is easy to integrate to any website, it only takes a few steps to start running your improved search box. Check out the feature list here.


You don’t have to deal with the problems of developing an autocomplete solution from scratch, and you can focus on your other important projects. We have the domain knowledge and the infrastructure that we can provide for you.