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The prices shown above are per month.

Yes! We have a detailed analytics portal where you can find anything you need. If you enroll in the 30 day free trial, we’ll provide you with analytics so you can see proof of how we’ve helped before you decide to purchase.

If you reach your limit, it means your growing, so congratulations! In that case, you’ll be bumped up into the next category to support your search volume. If you’ve paid in advance, we’ll bill you for the difference between the packages.

In any case, your search will continue to work regardless if you’ve exceeded your limit.

Of course! We’re glad to prove our value before you commit. You can easily implement an A/B test between Prefixbox and your current solution and monitor the changes in Google Analytics. We have an A/B testing process for each of our products.
Our most basic packages allow 2 domains per subscription. Our more advanced packages allow for 3,5, and unlimited domains.
You can see your usage and quota on the Subscription Details page when you are logged into the Prefixbox portal.
We will let you know by email when you have exceeded your plan limit, so you can upgrade your plan.
You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time, as long as your usage is within the plan's quota. The additional cost or credit will be settled with the following month's payment. Payments are issued monthly and our service can be stopped at any time.
Every executed search keyword counts as a single search. For example: the user types "ap" and executes the "apple" keyword - this counts as one search. For direct link suggestions, the navigation to the URL specified by the suggestion also counts as one search.

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