Prefixbox Terms of Service

1. Purpose

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to define the terms and conditions of use of the services provided by Prefixbox and to define the rights and obligations of the various parties within this framework. The services can be accessed through the website

2. Website and Services

The Website and the Services are managed by the company PREFIXBOX LTD, a Private Limited Company, registered under Company number 09252358 with the Companies House, Cardiff, United Kingdom, and whose head office is located at 22 Vereker Road, London W14 9JS, United Kingdom.

3. Contact Details

Prefixbox can be contacted at

4. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

The use of the website and the services entails the User’s complete acceptance of these Terms and Conditions without any reservation. Users who do not accept to the Terms and Conditions must not access the Website or use the Services.

5. Registration

Users must register on the website by completing the registration form in order to use the services by opening an account in the Users' name.

Users guarantee that all information they provide in the registration form is correct, up to date and sincere and is in no way misleading or dishonest. They agree to update this information in the event that any of it should change.

Users agree to use the services themselves personally and agree not to allow any third party to use them on their behalf, unless accepting full responsibility for the consequences.

Users are responsible for keeping their user name and password confidential. Users must contact Prefixbox immediately if they notice that their account has been used without their permission. Users acknowledge Prefixbox's right to take all measures it deems appropriate if such event occurs.

6. Description of the Services

Users have access to the following services provided by Prefixbox:
Client Plugin and Service API

Prefixbox provides a Service API and a Client Plugin that enables the implementation of a search box in a web application. The features of the Service API and the Client Plugin are described on the website documentation.

The Service API can be accessed through the Client Plugin provided by Prefixbox. The User agrees that the use of the services requires the storing and indexing of the Application’s data on Prefixbox' platform. It is the User's sole responsibility to collect the agreement of the Application’s users for the transfer of their data to Prefixbox, as well as their storing and indexing on Prefixbox' platform.

Technical Support
Technical Support includes the following:
  • Technical support by email at the email address Technical support is strictly limited to the implementation of Prefixbox' Software and does not include matters relating to the User’s Application. Prefixbox will make its best efforts to provide satisfactory technical support via email.
  • The up do date documentation available on the Website.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Prefixbox actively monitors its website and services in order to detect and solve issues quickly. Prefixbox guarantees a 99,8% availability of the services. If the service availability becomes less than 99,8% during one month of the subscription, the User will be refunded 50% of their paid subscription fee for the particular month.

7. Subscription

The services are accessible in the form of a subscription. Subscriptions begin on the day of subscription, subject to payment of the subscription fee for a duration of 1 month. Subscriptions are automatically renewed for successive periods of 1 month unless notice of termination is given by either Prefixbox or the User.

Users can cancel their subscription at the latest on the day before the term of the current Subscription month. Prefixbox can cancel a User's subscription by sending an email to the User with at least a 15 days' notice.

Any Subscription month started is due in its entirety.

8. Fees and Payments

Subscription Fee

The Subscription to the Services is available in different plans, the fees and constraints of which are described on the website. Unless otherwise stated the fees are exclusive of taxes.

Fees Revision

Prefixbox may change the fees and payment policies for the services by notifying the User by email at least 1 month before the change takes effect. The Users who do not accept the new fees must cancel their subscription. Users who continue to use the services after the new fees take effect are deemed to have accepted them.

Terms of Payment

The payment of the Subscription fee is carried out by direct debit from the User’s bank card. Prefixbox doesn’t store any bank card data. The direct debit is implemented by the secured payment service provider BrainTree, who Prefixbox entrusts with the storage of the User’s bank data to this end.

The direct debit is carried out on the day of the first subscription, and then on the date of each subscription renewal. The User guarantees that they have all the necessary authorizations to use the chosen payment mode and ensures safe carrying out of the direct debit.

9. Obligations for Users

Users undertake to respect the following obligations:
  • Users agree, in their use of the Services, to respect and abide by all laws and regulations in force and not to violate public order or infringe the rights of any third party.
  • Each User is solely responsible for successfully completing all necessary administrative, tax and/or social formalities concerning them that could result from their use of the services. Prefixbox shall in no case be held liable in this respect.
  • Users acknowledge having read on the website and understood the characteristics and constraints, technical in particular, of the entire range of services. Each User is solely responsible for their use of the services.
  • Users undertake to use the services themselves personally and for their own Applications. They shall not transfer, sublicense, delegate or assign all or part of their rights under the present general terms and conditions of use to any third party.
  • Each User is solely responsible for the contents of whatever nature (editorial, graphic, audio, audiovisual or otherwise), generated by the User or by the users of the Application.
  • Each User guarantees that they have all the necessary rights and authorizations for the storing, indexing and use of this content.
  • Users shall inform their end users of the data handling of Prefixbox according to clause 13 of this Terms of Service.
  • Users agree that their content is legal, does not disrupt public order, is not contrary to accepted standards of public decency, does not infringe any third party rights or legal provision and/or regulation, and, more generally, is in no way likely to bring the civil or criminal liability of Prefixbox into play.

10. Liability and guarantee of Prefixbox

  • Prefixbox agrees to provide the services with diligence and in compliance with trade practice, specifying that it has an obligation to provide means, but this without any obligation of result, and this is acknowledged and agreed by Users.
  • Prefixbox undertakes to take all appropriate measures to preserve the security and confidentiality of the stored and indexed content and to prevent unauthorised third parties from accessing such content.
  • In any event, any liability that could be incurred by Prefixbox within the framework of this agreement is expressly and solely limited to direct actual damages suffered by Users and shall not exceed the total amount paid by the User within the year preceding these damages.

11. Intellectual Property

Prefixbox reserves ownership of all intellectual property rights inherent in or relating to their software. The User is only granted a revocable, non-transferable and non-exclusive licence on the Software, for the sole purpose of the services within the limits and conditions set out in the present Terms and Conditions and for the duration of the User’s subscription.

12. Personal Data

Prefixbox practises a policy of protection of personal data. These practices are detailed in our Privacy Policy on our website.

13. End user privacy

Information that is gathered from visitors

In common with other online services, log files are stored on our web servers, containing details such as your website visitor’s IP address, browser type, operating system type, referring page, clickstream data and time of visit. 1st party cookies may be used to remember visitor preferences and previous behavior when interacting with our customers’ website.

How the Information is used

The information is used to enhance the visitors experience when using your website to display relevant content and create analytics reports for you to understand your website’s user behavior better.


Cookies are small digital signature files that are stored by the visitor‘s web browser that allow preferences to be recorded when visiting a website. Also they may be used to track return visits to a website.

Prefixbox uses the following cookies:
  • _pfbuid: it is an automatically generated identifier, which indicates that the same visitor has returned to the customer’s website. It is not connected with the visitor’s personal data, such as name or e-mail address.
  • _pfbsesid: it is an automatically generated identifier, which helps identify our customers website users visits.
  • _prefixboxVariant: it is an automatically generated identifier, which helps to run our A/B testing process.
  • guid_pfb_event_nr: it is an automatically generated value. The guid value in name is coming from automatically generated indentifier of _pfbsesid.

14. Amendments

Prefixbox reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. Users shall be informed of these amendments through email at least 15 days before the entry into force of the amended Terms and Conditions. Any User that does not agree with the amended Terms and Conditions must unsubscribe from the services. Users who continue to use the services after the entry into force of the amended Terms and Conditions, shall be deemed to have accepted these amendments.

15. Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are governed by English law and on acceptance the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

16. Entry into Force

These Terms and Conditions become effective on Aug. 4, 2016.