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Ecommerce digital transformation story


’No result’ search rate
decreased by 23.3%


Book store

The task

People often search for books based on titles, which can often lead to 0-results pages. Tania Ksiazka asked Prefixbox to optimize their search to reduce 0-result rates to optimize revenue and provide shoppers with a great search experience.

The retail website

Founded in 2006, Tania Ksiazka is now one of the largest eCommerce businesses in Poland. They aim to increase the number of book readers in Poland and since inception have sold more than 8 million products to over 1 million people. Tania Ksiazka averages 2.2 million visits per month and more than 700,000 searches/month.

The solution

After implementing Prefixbox’s Autocomplete, Tania Ksiazka’s 0-result rate dropped by 23.3%.

Tania Ksiazka, a major online bookstore in Poland, was on a mission to provide their customers with the best online shopping experience possible. To do this, they wanted to direct shoppers quickly and accurately to the products they were looking to buy.

After researching options, they decided to implement Prefixbox’s Autocomplete as it recommends relevant keyword and products immediately whenever a shopper clicks in the search box. It enables shoppers to navigate quickly as they don’t need to type the entire query, which also improves the user experience.

Since the Autocomplete also recommends popular products and keywords and predicts user intent, it was effective in quickly lowering Tania Ksiazka’s 0-result rate, while providing shoppers with a better experience.

After implementation, Tania Ksiazka saw a 23.3% reduction in their 0-result rate.

By using an Autocomplete with strong typo-tolerance, they were able to accurately direct more shoppers to the products they were looking to buy. For example, typos in titles and in the names of authors (the spelling of which is not commonly known) no longer led shoppers to 0-result pages. Instead, the Autocomplete was able to direct them to the relevant book. Autocomplete plays an even more important role for mobile shoppers, as navigation is hard and typos are common.

With Prefixbox, Tania Ksiazka was able to provide a better shopping experience for their customers while increasing their online revenue.

“Prefixbox provides valuable insights into our webstore and customer behaviour. The tool is easy to use and the team is always helpful and based on their experience willing to explain best practices and make suggestions on how to optimize the solution.”

Monika Szatyłowicz

E-commerce Director

Tania Ksiazka

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