Search is hard,
we make it easy.

Always learning

We started Prefixbox in 2014 as a passion project, which quickly evolved into the full-blown business we have today.

Istvan, the CEO and founder of Prefixbox, always had a goal of starting a business and while working on Bing at Microsoft, he realized most webshops could make more money if they had an efficient search function. He knew he could help them sell more products in an easy and effective way. He gathered some like-minded people and thus, Prefixbox was born.

We started as an Autocomplete company, but after entering the market we quickly realized that autocomplete wasn’t the root of the problem, search was. We decided to combat this and grew to be the full search provider we are today. Along our journey, we realized that search is one of the most important features in the online retail domain, so we were inspired to build a product search engine. Now we exist to help people find the products they want to buy.

Our mission

Search is an integral part of an Ecommerce store that currently isn’t given the attention it deserves. We strive to bring awareness to the power of search and educate Ecommerce shops on the most important best practices.

We are developing the best on-site search available to large enterprises. To do that, we’re continually learning from our customers - we listen to their concerns and depend on their feedback to inspire new products and features.

We strive to cultivate lasting relationships with our clients and do everything we can to help them succeed.

We believe in continuous learning and so does our product!

Who we are

We embrace changes and love being challenged to innovate. Our experience combined with our spirit of determination makes us unstoppable.

István Simon


Peter Balogh

Business Advisor

Ákos Porcs-Makkay


János Szabados

Head of Sales

Paige Tyrrell

Head of Marketing

Dávid Kiss

Head of Customer Success

Our unstoppable C-suite

We’re lead by a team who constantly innovates, thinks outside the box, and is obsessed with details.

Istvan Simon, our founder CEO, brought his dream to life. After studying computer science he worked in consulting where he learned how important technology is for businesses. Years later, he moved to London to work on Bing for Microsoft where he was inspired to start Prefixbox. With more than 15 years of tech experience, he brings the ground-breaking ideas that make Prefixbox so innovative.

Akos Porcs-Makkay, our CTO, also hails from Microsoft where he excelled in advising businesses on how best to leverage and implement technology. As a Microsoft consultant for more than 10 years he became an expert in technology, management, and the strategic ways companies can leverage technology. His comprehensive tech and consulting experience bring a unique outlook to the support we provide for our customers.

Peter Balogh, the founder of NNG, is our advisor and investor. His experience building a multi-million dollar tech company with more than 1,000 employees provided him with invaluable insight he kindly passes on to us. After selling NNG he became a start-up advisor and now works with more than 20 companies. His previous entrepreneurial success and ongoing guidance help us navigate through this exciting journey.