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Merchandising allows you to promote the products you want to sell and increase your webshop’s profitability by giving you the power to alter the Search Engine Results Page.

Improve your ad campaigns and email marketing by creating powerful search landing pages with promotional banners to encourage shoppers to make a purchase.

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Search Promotions allow you to override organic results on the SERP in order to place the products you want to sell in the top positions. These can be presented in the same way as regular results and are impacted by the dynamic filters, sorting, and paging.


Brand promotion: Imagine a shopper searches for ‘camera’ and you have a lot of Nikon cameras you want to sell. With Search Promotions, you can place these in the top positions on the SERP to increase frequency of purchase.

Search result enhancement: Imagine a shopper searches for ‘camera’ and the query returns 3,000 results - most of which are camera accessories. Create a better shopping experience by editing the results so cameras are displayed first.


With On-Site Ads, you can display selected products outside of the search results. These products are pinned to a specified location on the search page and are not affected by dynamic filters, sorting, or paging.


New models: When someone searches for ‘Samsung’, the products at the top of the organic search results are the models that were popular in the past. If Samsung has just released a new model, you could pin this to the top of the SERP to sell more of it.

Clear stock: Before a new product is released, you might want to clear out the older models. In order to do this more efficiently, you can pin these older models to the top of the results page to encourage shoppers to purchase them.


This allows you to place promotional banners anywhere outside the SERP to direct shoppers to relevant pages. Banners can be set to appear for certain search keywords and are displayed as static images or as carousels.


Brand promotion: These work especially well when targeted to a brand keyword, like ‘Lego’. In this case, you could create a banner displaying certain Lego sets that you want to sell.

Seasonal promotion: They are also highly useful during promotional periods, like Black Friday, to let shoppers know about different deals going on.


Intent Clarification easily allows users to specify their intent when a search term is too broad or ambiguous. Alternative, popular search options are recommended above the SERP and redirect shoppers to more specific search result pages.


Product feature clarification: If someone searches for ‘headphones’, thousands of results will appear. With Intent Clarification, you can set alternative options for ‘bluetooth headphones’, ‘sport headphones’, or ‘gaming headsets’ to appear above the SERP to help shoppers to quickly find what they’re looking for.

Brand searches: If someone searches for ‘Samsung’, you can set alternative options to direct shoppers immediately to ‘phones’, ‘televisions’, or ‘accessories’ so they can easily find the product they’re looking for.

Custom Landing Pages

You can create custom search landing pages full of products you choose. These pages are completely customizable without the need of a developer.

You can create custom URLs for these pages, which can be used in your online marketing campaigns.


Merchandising boosts your online revenue by giving you the power to promote the products you want to sell.

Alter the Search Engine Results page to display the products you want, create banners to advertise promotions,
or easily design landing pages to use in your marketing campaigns.

Merchandising is an essential, all-in-one tool to help you increase revenue.


Optimize your Ecommerce store's search solution with Prefixbox and see ROI within 3-4 weeks.

Pricing is based on modules and search volume.


Merchandising is available for clients using Prefixbox's Search Engine.

This is a self-service product where you can set up all campaigns yourself. Our Customer Success Team is happy to help you get started.