Instant, relevant and intelligent search suggestions

with our Autocomplete features

Autocomplete is the most fundamental tool in building a better search. Critical to a web shop’s success, Autocomplete simplifies the path-to-purchase by recommending popular and relevant suggestions to customers even before the first keystroke. Prefixbox’s autocomplete updates daily to rank keywords and products based on popularity, ensuring your customers find exactly what they’re searching for.

  • Quality search suggestions for keywords, products and categories according to the highest industry standards
  • Relevant suggestion ranking specifically for your website
  • Instant search suggestions even before the first keystroke
  • Searches every word and highlights the searched expressions in the suggestion text
  • Language independent and typo tolerant

Easily customize your search box

Based on user behaviour and search trends on your site, the software learns to rank the search suggestions and updates them regularly.

Customize the look and feel of your search box to match your website design

Configure the number of product and keyword suggestions you want to show

Easily change the order of your suggestions with information based on popularity scores or search trends


Search box users are 40% more likely to click on recommended keywords

Autocomplete is the most widely used search feature

Prefixbox recommends products and keywords for 90% of your search terms

“After implementing Prefixbox’s Autocomplete, our webstore instantly had more relevant search suggestions. It continually helps our customers receive product and category recommendations that are easy to understand. Prefixbox has greatly improved the user experience on our site!”

Szilvia Burka
Szilvia Burka
Head of Marketing and Online Services