Complimentary features to boost search functionality

Prefixbox products are equipped with multiple features to enhance your search box’s functionality. Each feature helps translate everyday language into accurate search results, so users find exactly what they’re looking for.

These features are so important, they’re already built into every Prefixbox product, so you can reap the benefits whichever product you choose.

Query Understanding

All Prefixbox products are able to adequately decipher user intent even when words aren’t typed correctly. The Speller function can decipher typos and Word Breaker is able to find the correct search term if users combine two separate words or vice versa. If a user searches too many or too specific terms, Word Dropper is able to automatically identify and search the important terms to find accurate results. These features work together to disambiguate searches, so users can find what they’re searching for.

Synonym Handling

Prefixbox automatically mines and assigns synonyms to products and keywords, so more results appear when users search for products. There is an option to manually assign the automatically mined keywords, if you prefer to decide.

Data Feed Handling

Our data sources and product popularity scores are updated daily to ensure your search box provides the most relevant results. All of these lists are saved and versioned so you can check back to previous ones if you want.