Why eCommerce Software is the Future of Business?

The era of the internet is here. More and more aspects of people’s lives are now tied into the digital space.

This makes it the perfect place for businesses to tap into a wider market and audience. With the right tools, you may just be able to unlock new potentials for your business.

In fact, a study by Statista says that global e-retail sales have reached over $3.5 trillion in 2019. This is expected to grow even more in 2020. These figures show that more companies are beginning to see the benefits of going digital with their transactions.

With that in mind, you will need the best eCommerce software to leverage against your competitors in the digital market. These are solutions that enable you to sell products and services online. It assists you in overseeing your eCommerce operations by managing inventory, optimizing your online stores, calculating taxes, handling customers, and others. 

By finding the right eCommerce software for your company, you may just be able to boost your eCommerce sales.

So, here’s why eCommerce software is the future of businesses.

Shift in demographics

As the world changes, a newer generation rises above the older. This means your target audience has also moved over from Gen X and Boomers to Millennials and Gen Z. These are the generation who grew up with technology and have relied on it their whole lives.

This just shows where the trend for marketing and selling is headed. Most of your target market are now used to getting the things they need and want with a few clicks of their fingers. Businesses are now scrambling to find ways to meet such demands from their new generation of customers.

This is where eCommerce software platforms come in. These software solutions will bring your products and services closer to your customers by connecting your business to the internet. This will make your goods and services more accessible and convenient to reach. Likewise, it will encourage more people to avail from you.

Unified platform for all your eCommerce needs

Back in the day, businesses had to use different software to be able to sell online. These software solutions would manage different aspects of their operations from front-end to back-end. This makes it too costly to sustain in the long run. Likewise, it makes it difficult to transition from one task to another.

Fortunately, the advancement of technology has produced a new breed of eCommerce platforms. These new platforms can easily integrate with other types of e-commerce software to create a unified avenue for all your online operations’ needs.

Nowadays, eCommerce platforms have the potential to expand their tools and features. They do not only handle the front-end part, where the customers can access your company’s services and products. They can also manage your inventory, restock them for you, handle accountancy tasks, and gather analytics. This gives you the ability to personalize your software to cater to your every need while keeping everything within a unified platform.

Intelligent automations

One huge benefit of using eCommerce software is that it automates recurring tasks. This lessens the workload on your part, cuts the cost in the long term, and hastens processes on your end. It also reduces the risks of errors.

eCommerce platforms, nowadays, have smarter automations to manage your online business without your further interference. This lets you do more while working less It oversees operations, manages them, and records them for you.

Likewise, it can notify you of issues, billing payments, shipping orders, and many others. This ensures that you are continuously updated on how your business is faring without having to constantly check up on it. With this, you can even run your store all day and night without needing to close it down.

Have access to the global market

The rise of the internet has blurred geographical boundaries. Everyone can connect with anyone around the globe. This is also true for eCommerce. Through the internet, businesses can now expand their reach for their customers.

eCommerce software solutions will make your products and services available to anyone and anywhere in the world. You are no longer restricted within your local areas. You can expand your horizon to make your business grow faster.

Nowadays, distance is no problem with online shopping. Delivery is made easy with recent innovations in travel technology. This makes shipping services accessible and cheaper as well. With these, you can sell to customers regardless of distance and time zones.

Gather analytics and insights

In this data-driven world, information is power. By arming yourself with the right information, you can identify areas where your business needs to improve and develop better customer service. This can also help you create smarter and more effective decisions on your business planning and strategies.

Some eCommerce software, nowadays, makes use of artificial intelligence to help gather insightful data. Its learning capabilities make them adaptable to the ever-changing behaviours of your customers, market trends, and your business’ sales and performance.One such software that uses artificial intelligence is Prefixbox. This eCommerce software is powered by an AI to help improve searches in your eCommerce platform. It does so by tracking user behaviours and learning from them to come up with better user experiences within your systems. You can easily integrate Prefixbox in any software in the e-commerce platforms list.


Compatibility across devices

Everyone is with their gadgets nowadays. In fact, a study by Reviews.org says more than 65% of the population are constantly on their mobile devices – as much as 160 times in a day. This means your eCommerce platforms should be flexible enough to be accessible in any kinds of devices in the future.

Thanks to technology, almost all kinds of devices can be connected to the internet. Users can visit any website they choose in their smaller, more portable devices. This means you must optimize your online shops so that it can still work on smaller screens.

As more and more eCommerce software platforms are connected to the internet, this makes it easier to leverage your brand across various devices. They can ensure that they are accessible to any types of screen and maintain a positive experience for your customers.

Increase in remote interactions

Almost everything is online nowadays. In fact, a survey by Statista shows that 59% of the global population are active users of the internet as of April 2020. The digital space has become a new avenue where they can interact with the outside world. This is where they connect with other people, work, order food, shop for new items, pay their bills and so many others.

Retail, for one, is part of the list of 20 biggest work from home companies from FinancesOnline. Business owners can now easily set up stores and run their operations online. This is mainly thanks to the different eCommerce software out there.

With the right software, you can maintain a connection with your customers. They can still browse through your catalogues or check out your services without having to go out of their homes. They can do away with travel time and costs, making your products and services more accessible and convenient to avail.

The future is now

Ecommerce is the future for businesses. As technology continues to advance, the digital space evolves into something more than just an avenue for communication. It has become a minefield of potentials and opportunities for businesses as well.

The world is gradually becoming more digital and global. Don’t let your company lose the race towards the future. Go ahead and check out the top eCommerce software. Explore which ones will help you navigate whatever lies ahead for your company. The future is now so you better keep up.

Paige TyrrellHead of Marketing – Prefixbox

Paige is the Head of Marketing at Prefixbox, a leading eCommerce site search solution. She’s an American who’s been living in Budapest since 2017 and loves giving #alwayslearning sessions to help people optimize their online stores.