Praktiker Case Study

Prefixbox and Microsoft teamed up to create a video case study about how we helped Praktiker improve their webstore and boost their online sales.

Full case study

How Does Prefixbox Work?

Prefixbox is a software that drastically improves ecommerce search box efficiency to create a better search experience while maximizing sales.
Prefixbox’s most notable feature is its smart search box that employs autocomplete technology. This autocomplete feature offers suggestions and recommendations to users before they even begin typing. These suggestions are pulled from user behavior and search trends on your site. The list is automatically updated daily or through intervals you can set.

Prefixbox’s smart search box is typo tolerant since most users will only hear the name of a product before searching online. Prefixbox ensures they find what they’re looking for. Here, you can see “kindle” displayed even when it was misspelled. Prefixbox highlights users search terms in the results so they can see why products match their query. Here, you can see the term “kindle” and letter “f” are highlighted and multiple matching products are suggested. Even general terms appear in case users aren’t exactly sure what they’re looking for.
Prefixbox is a smart software, which means it keeps learning based on users’ search behavior, so it continually improves and reflects seasonal changes so users have the best search experience possible.