Significant ecommerce conversion rate improvenement


revenue from on-site search users
Increased by 47%

conversion rate
Increased by 15.8%


Grocery store

The client

Our client is an international retail group and multinational corporation present in 15 countries around the world. This customer has more than 1,500 supermarkets and employs more than 330,000 people worldwide.

The task

This multinational chain was looking for a way to help their online customers find relevant search results in order to easily add products to their cart. They wanted to streamline the online shopping process in hopes of boosting conversion rates.

The solution

Prefixbox's Search Engine increased their conversion rate by more than 15% and their revenue from search skyrocketed to a 47% increase.

Before Prefixbox, this international grocer had a custom developed in-house search solution. Their interest was piqued when they heard about Prefixbox’s success with Praktiker along with other positive testimonials.

Although they weren’t actively looking for a new search solution, they decided to try Prefixbox as they are always interested in innovative technology that could enable the store to grow.

Our client saw a drastic increase in their online store’s conversion rate and realized how much Prefixbox could do for them.

Prefixbox’s Search Engine encompasses intent matching, accurate product ranking, advanced synonym management, and filtering. These features are critical in optimizing a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Sorting allows shoppers to change the order of products to view cheapest first or most relevant.

Filtering helps shoppers narrow down their search by price or other related attributes.

Arguably, the most important aspect of a SERP is the ranking of products. The most relevant and most popular product should be shown first and the rest in descending order.

All together, these features streamline the online shopping process, so visitors can easily navigate to what they’re looking for. This easy shopping, can drastically increase conversion rates and boost revenue.

„Before Prefixbox, our client was unable to pinpoint problems with their search, which meant they couldn’t find ways to optimize their online shop. When we stepped in, our search analytics showed the problem areas and after implementing our search engine, we were able to help them make improvements that drastically improved their webshop.”

Istvan Simon



Since they have been using Prefixbox on their online store, they have experienced a 47% increase in the online revenue generated by the search function and a 15.8% increase in conversion rate.

By simply optimizing their search and keeping an open mind to new providers, this shop was able to drastically increase the efficiency and profitability of their online store.

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