Praktiker hungary

Ecommerce digital transformation story


’No result’ search rate
decreased by 31%

Average cart value
increased by 19%


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The client

Praktiker is a leading DIY store chain in Hungary with more than 1400 employees. Their first store opened in 1998 and they currently operate 20 stores throughout the country.

The retail website

Praktiker.hu is among the top 200 most visited websites in Hungary. The number of page visitors varies according to the seasons. During summertime, at its peak, the site gets around 750,000 monthly visitors and more than 7 million page loads. On a yearly average, the site has 600,000 visitors, 6.5 million page loads, and 800,000 searches per month.

The task

Praktiker asked Prefixbox to optimize their existing search engine to help customers find products more efficiently.

The solution

Prefixbox’s online service has significantly increased Praktiker’s search efficiency in multiple ways, including increasing the average cart value by 19%.

Prefixbox’s Autocomplete feature optimizes search suggestions by recommending popular products based on previous user behavior. It shows relevant suggestions right after users select the search box.

“After implementing Prefixbox’s search functions, our webstore had more relevant suggestions. It helps our customers receive instant product and category suggestions that are easy to understand, which has greatly improved the overall user experience of the site.”

Szilvia Burka

Head of Marketing and Online Services


The solution can predict the users’ search intent, too. Using synonym suggestions, Prefixbox recommends relevant keywords even when different names are searched. The easy-to-use software allows you to quickly configure a product feed and search keyword list on the online portal. This data is refreshed automatically.

Praktiker has experienced a growth of mobile traffic: at the moment 43% of their visitors come from mobile phones and 5% from tablets. The rate of misspelled words on mobile devices is higher than that on computers. Prefixbox eradicates this problem by eliminating typos during the search.

The tremendous advantage of Prefixbox’s service is that it continually learns from the users’ search behaviour, so it gives better suggestions day by day and reflects seasonal changes.

The Search Analytics feature is another essential part of the solution. The online analytics dashboard provides detailed data on search box usage and search results. “It is very important for us to know which products are most commonly searched and which search terms yield no results on our site. This information influences our business decisions in many ways and make it possible for us to promptly react to the market demands.” – explained Szilvia Burka. Prefixbox determines product suggestion ranking by assessing the number of times users click on products displayed on the search result page and add them to their shopping cart.

„Based on Search Analytics data we have learned that conversion rate is three times higher for those visitors who use the search box on our site, meaning they are three times more likely to make a purchase, so using Prefixbox is essential for us. We are very satisfied with our cooperation, as after a simple integration step, it has become a significant asset in continuously improving our user experience, and increasing our online revenue, resulting in a multiple return on our investment”

Szilvia Burka

Head of Marketing and Online Services


Prefixbox is an avid Microsoft partner, which means we leverage Microsoft Azure cloud technology. Check out the Microsoft case study about how we helped Praktiker grow their online business.

Prefixbox is an online service that can easily be plugged into a webshops’ search engine to instantly improve the quality of search suggestions. Based on the Search Analytics it gathers, it provides information on user search behavior and uses that data to continuously optimize search results and suggestions.

Prefixbox helps improve the user experience and boosts search efficiency to generate a tangible increase of revenue.

For more information please contact us at sales@prefixbox.com and +36 70 617 6161.