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Significant Ecommerce Conversion Rate Improvement

An international FMCG retailer (grocer) increased their revenue from site search users by 47% and boosted their conversion rate 15.8% with Prefixbox. Find out more here.

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Praktiker Hungary Digital Transformation Story

Praktiker Hungary decreased their 0-result search rate by 31% and increased their average cart value by 19% with Prefixbox’s Autocomplete. Find out more in the full case study!

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Rossmann's Synonym Management Mastery.

Rossmann (an international drugstore) increased both their conversion rate and revenue from on-site search users by more than 6% after implementing Prefixbox’s Related Searches.

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Prefixbox Brochure

An in-depth guide to Prefixbox’s site search solution tools including features and functions.

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Prefixbox Revenue Uplift Calculator

Find out how much more money you could be making with an optimized site search.