Revenue from on-site search users
Increased by 6.16%

Conversion rate
Increased by 6.76%


Drug store

The client

Rossmann is one of the largest drug store chains in Europe. Their first Hungarian store opened in 1993 and they now have more than 200 shops nationwide.

The retail website

Rossmann.hu has approximately 650,000 visitors per month and more than 2 million unique page views per month. The site receives 300,000 searches per month.

Approximately 25% of their online shoppers use the search function.

The task

Rossmann wanted to improve their webshop by making shopping easier for their customers who usually purchase multiple products at a time.

Rossmann was looking for a way to upsell and decrease the negative effects of 0-results pages.

The result

Prefixbox's Related Searches increased rossman.hu's conversion rate and online revenue by more than 6%.

Before Prefixbox, Rossmann was looking for a way to help shoppers easily add multiple products to their basket in order to upsell and was in need of synonym management as many of their customers searched for products using different terminology than Rossman used to label products.

This disparity meant that shoppers often ended up on 0-results pages, which was bad for the shopper and for Rossmann.

When Rossmann realized that Prefixbox's Related Searches suggests products and keywords to shoppers in order to help easily disambiguate search queries, they were eager to test it out.

Rossmann's customers loved Prefixbox so much that when, during this A/B test, they weren't shopping on a page with Prefixbox, they called Rossmann and said they wanted the previous search experience back!

After finishing the experiment, Rossmann saw how much Prefixbox increased their conversion rates and online revenue Rossmann decided to fully onboard Prefixbox and was eager to see how the Related Searches and Synonym Management products would improve their webshop.

These suggestions help increase average order value by recommending related products to shoppers after they add something to their cart. Related Searches recommends both products and keywords on 0-results pages to help shoppers navigate away from a dead-end.

„Our customers usually buy multiple products at a time and search for specific items. Prefixbox's Related Searches is great because it quickly directs customers to additional products and boosts our average order size.”


Webshop Operational Leader

Since Rossmann has been using Prefixbox on their online store, they have experienced a 6.16% increase in online revenue, which greatly impacted the business. Most of this improvement comes from a 6.76% increase in conversion rate. This increased efficiency is a scalable way to continually improve the webshop.

By a simple addition to their search function, Rossmann was able to optimize their online store.

For more information please contact us at sales@prefixbox.com and +36 70 617 6161.